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When you have a commercial kitchen hood, duct or vent that requires a thorough and efficient cleaning give LV Hood Cleaning Service a call as we are the leading service in the area. We are known for our strong worth ethic and accurate solutions to your cleaning problems. Cleaning kitchens is grueling and when you add the stress of needing to ensure that your staff and your guests are safe and healthy, it’s an additional burden that is better left to professional who specialize in this type of cleaning.

Dirt and grease build up in commercial kitchens and require routine cleaning to keep conditions safe from fire hazards and no commercial kitchen owner or manager is free from this concern. It’s critical that all kitchens meet local and state codes and industry standards to operate legally and safely. Do yourself a favor and call upon our professional team to assist you.


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About Us

If you’re seeking a company that can help you get rid of tough grease, dirt and grime from your commercial kitchen then call upon the services of LV Hood Cleaning Service. We have years of experience and expertise in a wide variety of hood and duct systems so we can take apart and reassemble your unit quickly and efficiently.

Our team has deep understanding of the needs that commercial kitchens have to thoroughly clean your system and complete it without delays so you can continue smoothly operating your business or institution. We keep countless clients commercial kitchens safe from fire hazards and poor air quality.

Commercial kitchens are not like residential kitchens and they require and extra level of attention to ensure they are safe and free from fire hazards. This means routinely cleaning your kitchen hood, vents, and ducts to ensure clean air flow. To do otherwise can cause kitchen fires and unsafe conditions for your staff and guests.

LV Hood Cleaning Services is a leading commercial kitchen cleaning services that uses state of the art cleaning equipment and cleaning products to ensure your kitchen is spotless and meets industry standards as well as the state and local codes of the area in which you operate. Kitchen hood and duct cleaning is critical so that it doesn’t affect your bottom line or your staff’s ability to work effectively.

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Hood Cleaning Service

Search for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning services near me,” and you will find LV Hood Cleaning Service is a leading provider. Our services provide countless clients with spotless cleaning of their kitchen hoods.

Routine cleanings prevent dangerous and unsanitary conditions and our years of experience will provide you with results that keep you commercial kitchen free from liability and fire hazards. Our service is efficient and fast because we understand you and your staff do not have time to waste.

Modern kitchen in the restaurant with stainless equipment

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Our team has conducted countless cleanings of commercial kitchens in restaurants and we know that it is imperative that they run smoothly. You’re likely risking your reputation and your bottom line to do anything less than hire a reliable and trustworthy hood cleaning service.

The health of your customers and staff depends upon you taking the matter seriously with routine care. Build up from grease, dirt, and fat protein can cause serious conditions for fire and poor ventilation. Hire a company that is serious about aiding you to get rid of these issues on a regular basis.

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Commercial Hood Cleaning

If you own a restaurant or other commercial kitchen entity, you know that health and hygiene are critical factors that need to be routinely addressed.

Commercial kitchens have different concerns than residential kitchens and when your hood and duct system is dirty and functioning poorly there are financial consequences and even legal consequences that residential owners do not have to worry about. Allow our team to professionally clean your commercial kitchen with state of the art equipment and high quality cleaning products to ensure you have a safe and well-maintained area.

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Exhaust Hood Cleaning

LV Hood Cleaning is an industry leader that is well known for thoroughly cleaning exhaust hoods in commercial kitchens to ensure safe and health conditions. When you need to adhere to local and state codes as well as insurance requirements, we can provide a team of cleaners that will see to every detail.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning team has a wide array of experience working with a variety of hood styles so you can feel confident that we will skillfully perform our duties.

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Hood Steam Cleaning

Steaming your hood in your commercial kitchen is a quick, efficient and sanitary way of getting ride of trapped grease, oil, fat proteins and dirt that can so easily cause kitchen fire hazards. Our team will help you meet safety standard codes with chemical free solutions you can rely upon for successful results.

Kitchen fires from trapped debris can cause severe damage, injury and even fatalities so calling upon our services is a wise solutions to keep everyone safe in your commercial kitchen.

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Hood and Duct Cleaning

Whether you have a restaurant or you manage a university run kitchen or hospital or perhaps you manage an airport with several kitchens, LV Hood Cleaning Service provides your establishment with excellent care and cleaning solutions that get your hood and duct spotless and create a save and healthy environment for staff and guests.

Your hood and duct need cleaning on a routine basis and it’s a task that should be conducted by professionals who can take apart this equipment and provide detailed cleaning.

“As a chain of restaurants we use LV Hood Cleaning Service because they consistently clean our equipment to a high standard” – Cecilia K.

“LV Hood Cleaning is an affordable contractor that we’ve used for years because they have known how to take apart our system and make sure they put it back together without putting us in jeopardy and we appreciate them accommodating our schedule.” – Ben J.

“We have a nursing home facility and LV takes great care of our kitchen and we higly recommend their services to everyone” – Abel B.

Contact LV Hood Cleaning Service

​Contact LV Hood Cleaning Service and we will quickly respond to your call, email, text message or online message. As a commercial kitchen cleaning service we understand your equipment is an investment and you can ill afford to delay meeting cleaning standards and legal codes or insurance requirements.

To do so can result in loss of staff and loss of revenue as well as create a dangerous environment for people on your property. Call on the services of our skilled and experienced team and you will benefit from our thorough procedures that are unmatched by any other commercial restaurant or kitchen cleaning service in the area.

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