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Commercial Hood Cleaning

This is a picture of an exhaust.Owning a restaurant is a far different prospect than cooking in a home. Commercial kitchens require a hood system and it must abide by local and federal safety and hygiene codes and standards that home kitchens do not need to worry about. It is critical that your commercial kitchen is held to these standards and practices because you could very well be risking the health of your clients and staff as well as the safety of the property.

LV Hood Cleaning Service is a leading kitchen hood cleaning service in the region and we can assist you to ensure that your commercial kitchen is a safe and well maintained environment

Fire Prevention

As a commercial kitchen owner you know that your kitchen hood is set up to ensure that elements like smoke, grease and dirt are trapped before they spread into other areas of your kitchen. It’s a sanitary issue as well as a recipe for a fire when oil and grease come into contact with fire and high of your stove and overn.

Any length of time these to stay in your hood can cause a gummy like substance that is capable of becoming flammable. When you clean your kitchen hood you’re also preventing fires that can spread and cause damage and even fatalities.

Avoid Fines

Hoods that have not been cleaned can significantly decrease the quality of air circulating throughout your kitchen and cause respiratory health hazards to your staff as well as your patrons. You’re also sure to be penalized by local and state health and safety officials if your kitchen hood is found not to be clean operating standards.

LV Hood Cleaning Service can help you prevent these issues by regularly cleaning and maintaining your kitchen hoods to prevent your commercial property from closure and fines.

Insurance Standards

Perhaps you think cleaning your kitchen hoods is not a big deal but that could not be further from the truth if you are expecting coverage by and insurance company. State and local health and safety standards are not the only institutions that require clean and safe hoods.

Insurance companies are have these standards for commercial kitchens and if you are found not to comply with them, you could be risking loss of your insurance policy.

Why Hire Us

Cleaning your kitchen hood is time consuming and often a complicated process. It’s a dirty job and you must take apart most hoods to clean them effectively. Unless you have a person solely dedicated to ensuring that your commercial kitchen hood is spotless on a routine basis, it’s a job better left to a professional contractor.

Our team has maintained and cleaned countless commercial kitchen hoods and they know the best methods for cleaning as well as how to efficiently take them apart and quickly put them back together so that it saves you time and keeps your staff dedicated to their specific kitchen tasks so that your kitchen is running smoothly. LV Hood Cleaning Services conducts commercial hood cleaning in a timely fashion that you can depend upon.


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