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Exhaust Hood Cleaning

This is a picture of an exhaust hood cleaning.Owning a restaurant is a big responsibility. You’re staff and your customers depend upon you to keep them safe and healthy and kitchen hood exhaust cleaning is priority to ensure this is possible. It should occur on a routine basis not just for safety but you also need to adhere to state and local standards and codes to operate your kitchen legally.

When you hire LV Hood Cleaning Services, we are a licensed and insured fire safety protection company that conducts kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. When you’re searching “commercial kitchen hood cleaning services near me,” we are an industry leader that routinely keeps countless business in tip top shape due to our expert services.

Prevent Fires

Grease, dirt, and grime, they all build up in your commercial kitchen exhaust because they are airborne. And when you delay cleaning your exhaust hood, you’re risking your staff, customers and your property because these elements develop a build-up that when left for lengths of time will become sticky and easily ignite under high heat, creating a fire hazard.

We’ve all heard about commercial kitchen fires in the media due to neglet and poor knowledge of cleaning. Don’t become a statistic and loose all of your hard work because you failed to hire a professional cleaning service that could do the job accurately.

Prevent Liability

There are a great deal of tasks you can perform in your commercial kitchen because you’re trained and you have a great deal of experience. But if you want your staff and customers to be confident they are safe in your place of business, hire a professional to clean your exhaust. As a business owner, you are risking liability for the safety of anyone entering your property.

Should a fire whether it’s an accident or via negligence occur, you are likely responsible for damages, people hurt and any fatalities that happen on your property. It is very possible to avoid these types of risks when you routinely contract professional kitchen hood cleaning services. Our team is adept at commercial kitchen hood cleaning and we provide efficient and reliable services.

Adhere to Codes

No restaurant or commercial kitchen is immune to local, state and federal laws and every one must adhere to the codes that require fire and safety standards. Ensure that your business pay close attention to these measures by hirng commercial hold cleaning services. It’s just not worth the risk of fines or closure from noncompliance.

LV Hood Cleaning Service is a phone call away and we will ensure that your commercial kitchen is in compliances with all safety codes to prevent loss of business and customers. Your commercial kitchen is the heart beat of your business and we know that you can’t ill afford to lose your reputation or revenue from poor adherence to safety and health procedures.

Why Hire Us

Dirty kitchen exhausts cause fires and when you delay in conducting routing cleaning you are putting everyone at risk and jeopardizing your business as well as revenue and reputation. Our commercial kitchen cleaning service is here to assist you to avoid these circumstances.

When you call us we will conduct a thorough inspection and cleaning to ensure that you never have to worry about noncompliance of government standards or risk to your staff and guests.


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