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Hood and Duct Cleaning

When you own a commercial kitchen size kitchen whether it’s in a university, a restaurant or a hospital or airport, you can call upon the assistance of LV Hood Cleaning Service to provide expert solutions for your hood and duct cleaning needs.

All hood and ducts need cleaning and it’s not an item on your list of priorities that can put delayed or not done altogether because it’s unsafe and dangerous. In the case of safety, size doesn’t matter and your business or institution has staff and guests who need to be kept safe and health from the hazards of hires created by vent and hood fires. Making sure they are routinely cleaned and well maintained is safe and responsible.

Fire Prevention

At one time or another we’ve all seen news reports of kitchen fires and they are heartbreaking. Property damage, injuries and even fatalities can happen as a result of hood and duct fires. Your equipment is a valuable investment and ensuring that dirt, grease and other proteins do not ignite from extreme heat conditions is imperative to keep your kitchen safe.

When you hood and vent are not functioning properly, everyone is at risk calling professionals to prevent fires also prevent staff and customers from other health risks such as insufficient airflow. This situation during a fire could very well be deadly but preventable.

Improve Air Flow

As a commercial kitchen owner or manager there are many visible signs that your hood and duct need professional cleaning. If strong winds are blowing doors closed and creating a suction effect, it’s likely that your have a ventilation problem. It may also be too hot in your kitchen. Many people believe a kitchen is meant to be hot because of the amount of heat generated by ovens and stoves, but this is simply not true. You should have equipment that provides your staff with cool air.

Hood and duct cleaning is a strategy to improve air quality in your commercial kitchen. Steam traveling in and out of your kitchen can also be a symptom of poor air flow from your hood and duct system and your HVAC unit could very well be attempting to accommodate for the poor ventilation.

Professional Inspection

LV Hood Cleaning Service has years of experience providing countless customers with accurate inspections and hood and duct cleaning to prevent poor air flow and kitchen fires.

As a professional kitchen hood cleaning service, we conduct a thorough deep cleaning of your ducts and hood because we understand the consequences of doing less than our best.

Why Hire Us

LV Hood Cleaning Services is a professional commercial hood and duct cleaning service. We will enter your property to inspect your hood equipment and completely take it apart to clean it and put it back together again, ensuring that it is correctly assembled.

We know that high employee turnover as well as the quality of your food can be affected when your hood and duct system functions poorly and we can help you end the cycle of dysfunction.


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