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Hood Cleaning Service

This is a picture of a hood.We’ve all heard about tragic kitchen fires in which lives may have been lost or a business ended due to fire and safety. Whether it’s from negligence or poor knowledge of cleaning practices doesn’t matter. A business was lost and it could have been avoided if professional services were hired to efficiently and effectively clean the kitchen hood.

LV Hood Cleaning Service is a leading commercial kitchen hood cleaning service you can depend upon to keep your kitchen running smoothly. When you search for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning services near me,” we can assure you that we are a top notch service and that our name stands for quality.

Top Notch Quality

Many kitchen standards around the country require kitchen hoods to have biannual cleanings so that they remain compliant with local and state codes. If you are using a reputable cleaning company, your cleaning will probably take anywhere from 3 to 7 hours because the kitchen is first prepared for cleaning and the hood is taken apart, then cleaned thoroughly using various methods depending upon how dirty the hood is and if it has been routinely cleaned or if it is a first time cleaning after a long length of time.

Our commercial cleaning is thorough and we use specialized cleaning solutions made specifically for the task that you can rely upon to keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

Professional Service

As a professional commercial kitchen cleaning service we a fully licensed and certified and insured to provide you with top notch cleaning of your kitchen hood. When you’re seeking a service the conducts safety measures and ensure that your kitchen staff and guests are protected, you can depend on LV Hood Cleaning Service. Hood cleaning is dirty work and it’s better to hire a professional cleaning service that understands fire protection and that will make sure every measure is taken to keep your kitchen safe.

This means gas and electrical appliances should be complete shut down and completely covered to avoid any dangerous flammable materials or chemicals are kept safe. We also provide steam cleaning and pressure cleaning to make sure all dirt is dissolved and we carefully dispose of all the mess.

State Of The Art Cleaning

LV Hood Cleaning Service uses state of the art cleaning equipment and high quality cleaning solutions that get the job done accurately the first time.

Our solutions are able to get rid of even the toughest dirt, grease and fat buildup from your hood and vent to keep the air quality healthy and the conditions of your commercial kitchen safe from fire hazards. You will feel confident that your staff and guests are safe from harm.

Why Hire Us

Cleaning your commercial kitchen hood is a challenge when you’re busy and successful. It requires dedication and serious intent to keep everyone safe and free from fire hazards.

If you’re seeking a professional company that will keep you free from liability and keep your staff and guess and your business free from risk of health and safety hazards, give us a call and we will send an efficient and effectively team to your commercial kitchen.


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