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Hood Steam Cleaning

This is a picture of a hood and duct cleaning.As a commercial kitchen owner, you know that safety and health standards require you to clean you kitchen hood. After all, it’s the place that traps grease, dirt and smoke and under high heat conditions you could be risking a dangerous fire when you delay proper cleaning of your hood. That’s where LV Hood Cleaning Service can assist you by conducting steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is a system that loosens grease and dirt and it’s chemical free and our company uses state of the art steam equipment to provide you with stunning results for your exhaust and duct and anywhere else your kitchen has trapped grease, oil and fat proteins that are tough to remove.

Sometimes mere soap and water and elbow grease just don’t do the job required by state and local law standards so call upon our superior service to assist you.

Fast And Efficient

Choosing a reputable and reliable hood steam cleaning company is easy when you rely on LV Hood Cleaning Service. To remain successful you likely cannot wait for days to have your hood steam cleaned so when you call our team we are readily available with a quick response and methodical procedures that are detail oriented and do not waste your time and money.

We understand that time is of the essence when you’re in business. You have customers who are relying on your efficient service and getting your hood cleaned with steam to provide you with fresh sanitized surfaces is our first priority.

Fire Prevention

Steam cleaning provides your commercial kitchen with the confidence that your exhaust and duct system no longer faces the threat of fire. As a professional commercial hood cleaning service no one knows better than we do that grease and dirt can build up to the point of creating a fire hazard.

We have seen countless times that kitchens are at high risk with routine expertise providing cleaning service. Grease and fat protein build-up can easily catch fire when it encounters high heat temperatures. This is why it is critical to hire routine maintenance to remove tough sticky grease and fat. Steam cleaning is a fast and efficient approach to keeping your kitchen safe from fire.

Pristine Finish

When you’re a commercial kitchen owner, your reputation could be at stake if your cooking on a dirty stove. Reputations are easily broken or made when clients see the conditions of a kitchen and when local and state health and safety official do the same.

If you’re seeking a fresh, clean and sanitized kitchen that impresses your guests as well as health and safety inspectors then calling upon LV Hood Cleaning Service is the right thing to do.

Why Hire Us

At LV Hood Cleaning Service we take great pride in providing efficient and effective steam cleaning. We have countless commercial kitchen owners who routinely use our services because they know we offer a thorough and detailed cleaning solution that works to keep staff and guests safe from fire and health hazards.

We come highly recommended and we are happy to provide referrals for your commercial kitchen to review. No other restaurant hood cleaning service cleans to the high level of standard that are team performs.


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