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Restaurant Hood Cleaning

This is a picture of a chef.In a restaurant the kitchen is the heart of the business and when it’s equipment is functioning poorly it’s likely to affect safety, health and your bottom line. Restaurant hoods capture a great deal of dirt, grease and fats that when left unattended can over time create a sticky mess that creates hazardous conditions to ignite kitchen fires and poor ventilation.

If you haven’t cleaned your restaurant hood in ages, your kitchen is not running efficiently and you are risking the safety of staff and guests as well as danger to your property and insurance policy. There are legal and industry standards for cleaning commercial kitchens and their exhaust hoods and it is critical that these standards and codes are met or your could be at risk for liability, government penalties and even closure of your restaurant.

LV Hood Cleaning Service is the leading commercial kitchen cleaning company in the region and we have assisted hundreds of business by providing a thorough cleaning of their restaurant hoods.

Cost Efficient

Owning a restaurant is not easy and it’s an expensive endeavor that can cost thousands of dollars throughout the year and when your restaurant hood is not functioning properly it can result in high energy bills. Many restaurants want to save money wherever possible and by having your kitchen hood routinely tested and cleaned, it could reduce the cost of what you pay for your HVAC system.

Typically poor functioning hoods can cause other systems in your kitchen to become over burden to accommodate the poor conditions of another piece of equipment. LV Hood Cleaning Service is an affordable and efficient solution to this problem.

Improve Quality Of Food

As a restaurant owner you likely want people to rave about your food and return with their friends, colleagues and family to eat again. But when the quality of food is poor due the unclean conditions of your restaurant hood you can be risking your reputation.

A dirty hood can effect the temperature and air flow you need to properly cook food at the correct temperatures. Grease and dirt from this area can also affect the quality of your storage facility and create unsafe conditions for open food stuffs. Your responsibility as a kitchen manager or owner is to ensure everyone is safe from these situations.

Improve Working Conditions

Working in a restaurant as kitchen staff is a tough job. Perhaps most people as guests do not realize kitchen work, whether you’re a cook, chef, sous chef or prep person is grueling and poor working conditions from your restaurant hood is an unnecessary stress on your staff. Pool air quality and heath and safety hazard from potential fires adds to a burden they just don’t as they are preparing food for your guests.

You’re likely to experience high staff turnover and also risking your liability if injuries or fatalities result from negligence in cleaning your restaurant hood.

Why Hire Us

LV Hood Cleaning Service is a leading commercial kitchen cleaning service in the area. We provide outstanding service and improve the quality of air in your kitchen. This will result in better air quality throughout your entire property and keep staff and customers safe from harm.


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