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Proper air flow and safety from kitchen fires is critical for a successful commercial kitchen and when you’re aiming to maintain a successful kitchen that produces food customers enjoy, your hood, vents and ducts must be spotless. If you’re seeking efficient and thorough commercial cleaning services, call LV Hood Cleaning Service to provide a free estimate.

If your kitchen has started producing poor food quality and your customers have complained about poor air quality, it might be time for routine cleaning of your commercial kitchen hood. As a business owner you can ill afford for customers never to return and it’s likely to result in a poor reputation that will effect your bottom line.

Our team has conducted countless hood and duct cleanings and we have top notch cleaning methods and state of the art equipment to provide you with quality care.

Our services include:

Your commercial kitchen is an investment, whether you are an institution such as a hospital or university or a restaurant, it is required by law to be a safe place of work and safe for your customers. Our team of professional cleaning staff can help you implement safe conditions.

When standards and codes are not met you are putting everyone at risk, but LV Hood Cleaning Service conducts a thorough investigation of every component of your hood, vent, and duct to help you maintain a proper functioning ventilation system that keeps regular air flow in and out of the area.


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